Love God, Love others, Love the world.

New Here

For some people, walking into an unfamiliar church building for the first time can be difficult. It is our hope that the following information will be helpful in making your visit with us both positive and meaningful.

A WARM GREETING – As you enter the main door from the large parking lot, You will be greeted with a heartfelt greeting. After all, a heartfelt greeting is part of what makes a church a church. No matter what question you might have, just ask. Our greeters are there to help you get settled and comfortable.

CONVERSATION – Expect to be noticed. Expect people to say something like, “Hi. We haven’t met before. Is this your first visit?” Expect people to reach out to you in love.

WORSHIP – Our worship contains some formal elements , but the community is very informal in the way we practice worship.

Children – We love the presence of children at First Baptist Church. We encourage children to express themselves and participate during the service.