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Teculután, Guatemala Mission Project

First Baptist of Valdosta, Georgia is joining hands with a number of different churches in developing a Mission Project in Teculután, Guatemala.  The project began with a Vision Team in March of 2010, followed up with a Medical Team in March of 2012 and another vision team in September of 2012 with the eight churches represented.  We have had a number of churches take teams down to Teculután in the last two years.   First Baptist of Valdosta was given a piece of property on which to build a church in Teculután.  The church has been completed and we have also completed a pastor’s home on the same property.  We have future plans for a Medical Clinic and lodging for pastor to come and be trained in Evangelism.  We encourage other churches to join us in this project.  If your church is interested in helping out or sending a team contact Mac Weaver at

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